10 Google Glass Integrations That Are Set To Change Business Forever

Google GlassWith the latest Google Glass presentations creating a buzz across the blogosphere (including in this article I wrote for Small Business Opportunities), developers have begun to get more of an idea of what will be possible using the Google Mirror API.

The Mirror API enables third-party apps to integrate with the new Google Glass technology, and already The New York Times, Evernote, Gmail and social network Path are providing examples of what will be possible.

Google is looking for integrations with apps that make use of immediate-data to “improve your life”, according to Glass advocate Timothy Jordan.

Developers using Glass will need to adhere to four principles. The must develop specifically for the Glass platform, avoid distracting Glass wearers with too much information, make use of data immediacy to be relevant and timely, and offer an intuitive approach that avoids confusion.

Google Glass Integrations Based on Current Business Use

As an integration-as-a-service platform, we work with app integrations every day. We carry out business analysis with SaaS app users to identify what scenarios make good business sense when connecting data and automating tasks between apps. App integrations create more seamless workflows across a business’ processes.

Google Glass is sure to extend the value of app integrations even further into real world business practice. Here are 10 examples based on practice analysis from CloudWork that will extend existing available app integrations and change the way we all do business.

1. Pull up contact information while speaking with a sales prospect
zohocrmCould integrate with: Google Contacts, CRM applications (Zoho CRM, Highrise, SugarCRM, Capsule CRM)
How it could work: Pulls up your contact info and feeds you notes on last contact to your Google Glass screen

2. Get directions to a meeting from your calendar or map software
Could integrate with: Google Calendar
How it could work: While on foot, bicycle, or behind the wheel of a car, you can safely refer to directions or maps when heading to a meeting.

3. Access email correspondence while in a meeting
Could integrate with: Google Mail, CRM applications
How it could work: Wearing Google Glass you can access your email account and review any meeting papers that may have been sent to you beforehand, including any team discussions and feedback.

4. Add meeting notes to your CRM
Could integrate with: Zoho CRM, Highrise, SugarCRM, Capsule CRM
How it could work: During a meeting, you could take images of any speaker presentations, a photo of all the meeting participants, or record your notes while the meeting is underway.

5. Have support identify and order maintenance parts and service
zendeskCould integrate with: Desk.com, Zendesk
How it could work: Business customers could use Google Glass to take a snapshot of their problem and send it to you, via your support app. Your team would use the image to identify what maintenance is required and organize parts, replacement or service attendance as needed.

6. Plan discount campaigns while looking at your stock inventory
Could integrate with: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor
How it could work: With a Google Glass integration, you can be standing looking at your inventory shelves and be reviewing email campaign outcomes at the same time to determine how many more discounts you could offer to get products moving off the shelves.

7. Add receipts to your book-keeping whenever you buy something
freshbooksCould integrate with: FreshBooks
How it could work: Take photos with Google Glass of any receipt you receive automatically upload it to your book-keeping software.

8. Draw on project management tasks while on location
Could integrate with: Trello, Basecamp, Asana
How it could work: Update in-the-field staff on the latest project management tasks as they happen and on site, using a Google Glass integration accessing the latest project management task plan.

9. Store a record of what is actually happening
Could integrate with: Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail
How it could work: Collate as-it-happens pics, correspondence, notes and attachments on current project activity and link together in a Google Glass timeline card bundle. Keeps a record of exactly what happened by uploading to your cloud storage service.

10. Manage your time while on the go
togglCould integrate with: Toggl
How it could work: For mobile staff or on those busy meetings days when you move from one client project to the next, you could use a Google Glass to record your actual time spent on each project, all with little more than a wink of an eye.

We forecast that all of these ideas will be available pretty quickly after the release of Google Glass and the Mirror API.

Being prepared to take advantage of this new Google Glass technology for business will mean building up the skills to understand workflow and to be in the habit of linking data across your business apps.

This is the perfect time to use our app integration service to help you take your processes further into real life practice now, and prepare you for the immediate-data future when Google Glass becomes available.

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