10 Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your CloudWork Integrations

Whether you are a newbie or have been using the service for a while this article will help you get a better understanding of the integrations and learn some tricks which save time and increase the benefit.

As the number of subscribers to our service keeps growing every day, so are the number of questions and requests received here at in our Support team. Over the past months we have identified some patterns in the usage and have been laser focused on analyzing them and have adapted the interface and the features of the integrations in order to keep improving your experience with the platform.


1. Take a look at the More Info link when you are creating an integration.

You probably just go straight to the Get Started button and do not read the specs of the integration which can later result in frustration with not achieving the desired results. The information page will allow you to learn how exactly the integration works and for what specific cases it can be used. It will save you time and ensure this is the right integration for you.


2. Read the blog post on the Evernote-Google Calendar configuration

This is one of the most popular integrations and we often receive questions on how it works or complaints that it is not working properly. It is a slightly complicated one as you have to be very specific in the title of the Evernote note in order for it to be picked up by Google Calendar, all due to API requirements. It is all explained in this post


3. Pay attention to the configuration options

Remember that some of them are optional. If there is no red star on the name of the field it means that it is not necessary to choose an option or fill it in. If you leave all options blank then all items from a given app will be transferred to the destination app that you chose. Bear in mind that if a Gmail message for example does not match a contact in your CRM, all incoming/sent messages will still be counted as tasks. If you are on a Free Plan you have 100 a month so you should better use a filter. If the type of filter that you want is not available, there is always a hashtag workaround. For instance, from Zendesk to Asana, tag the Zendesk tickets you want to transfer with “Asana” for example.


4. Pay attention to case sensitive authorizations

One of the most common requests related to authorizations has to do with the MailChimp interface where on the left hand side your username is by default displayed with a capital first letter or only shows your first name. Check the correct one on the Profile page.


5. Basecamp or Highrise authorizations

Many of you change accounts and try to authorize a different one on their CloudWork account. Due to some API restrictions you should log out of all 37signals.com accounts you have and then deauthorize and authorize again on CloudWork if you want the pop-up window to show. Otherwise the last login information will be used and the previous account will be automatically authorized.


6. Create multiple times the same integration if you want different filters to apply

Currently you cannot choose multiple options from the dropdown menus on the configuration page. However, if you would like to have for example to have messages from several Gmail labels sent to Evernote, re-create the exact same integration choosing the labels you want. You can have the same integration as many times as you want.


7. Be careful with creating loops

If you want to transfer contacts from MailChimp to a CRM tool for example and the other way round, make sure that you don´t use the exact same configuration options for both directions as this will create a loop and multiplicated contacts.


8. If you get an error message contact support

We have just launched a new feature that will give you a little more detail on what the causes for your error message are. Many times objects to be transferred are not found, especially with the Gmail integrations. This is due to deleting or moving e-mails that are supposed to be picked up by the integration. If the detail of the error is not helping you, make sure to contact support.

9. Give details when you are deleting streams

If you follow all the above tips, then it is unlikely to delete an integration due to a misunderstanding. If you think it is not working, explain why and the Support team will get back to you with possible solutions or fix an issue if that is the case.

10. Use the pause button

If you don´t want to have your destination app updated every 10 minutes then you can run the integrations once a day, for example. Just pause it and re-initiate on the next day.

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