11 New Basecamp Integrations Now Available

For project management aficionados, we now have 11 out-of-the-box, easy-to-use and practical Basecamp integrations available in our catalog, with more still to come.

new basecamp integrations

Basecamp is a crisp and user-friendly project management app for small teams and consultancies, especially useful when team members are based remotely or spend a lot of time out of the office.

Our new Basecamp integrations will sync new data from apps like Evernote so that you can Basecamp can act as a central repository for all project notes: from to-do lists to calendar events to correspondence, documents and files. Our new Basecamp integrations include:

  • Add Desk.com case to Basecamp as TODO
  • Add Basecamp attachments to Dropbox as files
  • Add Evernote notes to Basecamp as files, messages or documents
  • Track Evernote attachments to Basecamp as files
  • Add Gmail messages to Basecamp as document
  • Add Google Calendar event to Basecamp as event or TODO
  • Add Pivotal Tracker story to Basecamp as TODO
  • Add Toggl task to Basecamp as TODO
  • Add Zendesk ticket to Basecamnp as TODO

We still have even more Basecamp integrations on the way! Look out for additional integrations in the coming weeks to help you copy all Dropbox files into a relevant Basecamp project, and an integration to create new Basecamp documents from Gmail emails received, amongst others.

Test out our Basecamp integrations now, or let us know which Basecamp integrations you need to reduce wasting time and smoothly transfer data between your business apps.

  • Raphael cook

    Many new features are added in new Basecamp but I don’t think that it’s a good updation. Many features like time tracking and privacy are still absent. Proofhub (www.proohub.com) is the best alternative for Basecamp because it has all the features that are absent in Basecamp. I recommend Proofhub.

    • http://cloudwork.wpengine.com cloudwork

      Thanks for the feedback Raphael. Our integrations help extend the power of Basecamp by linking it with other business apps and automating data transfer and task management. Many of our users currently use and love the Basecamp interface for managing their projects and our integrations help them make more use of Basecamp across their business operations. Thanks for suggesting an alternative if our readers are looking for a different type of project management software.