3 Integration Ideas for HR Departments and Agencies

App integrationsIn previous posts we have shared some best practices and ideas on how to automate Marketing processes by using CloudWork. Over the past few months, while releasing new integrations we noticed that the number of businesses in the HR sector has been growing. This is why I would like to suggest some integrations that can significantly improve the life of a recruiter by automating some common processes. 


Manage conversations: Integrate Gmail and Zoho CRM

When to use: Zoho CRM is just an example, as it is the preferred CRM application for most of our customers. Salesforce, Capsule CRM, SugarCRM or Highrise also apply. If until now you had to manually create contacts on Zoho CRM from e-mails received from candidates/ customers by copying and pasting the data, now this can be automated through the “Add Gmail senders to Zoho CRM as contacts” integration.

How to use: In the configuration window you can specify a Mailbox (label), Subject or Keyword filters. If you receive all sorts of e-mails, create a Mailbox called CVs for example and only messages tagged with it will become contacts on Zoho CRM.

Gmail - Zoho CRM

Tip: Another great integration between Gmail and Zoho CRM is “Track Gmail inbound Emails in Zoho CRM (with Email body)”. This will allow you to create a note under the Zoho CRM contact with the body of the message received in your inbox from a candidate or client. Remember that if the contact in not existing yet this integration will not create it. You have to first setup the previous one.

Manage documents: Integrate Evernote and Google Drive

When to use: Evernote is one of the best solutions for staying organized on the go and I am sure many of you use it when attending job fairs, conferences and other business events, including client meetings. It is great to save business cards, take photos at presentations and voice recordings on interviews or speeches. Now all these documents can be automatically copied to Google Drive without you moving a finger!

How to use: Just choose a notebook and a destination folder. If you want to have attachments sent from various notebooks, just re-create the integration again and again with different notebooks/folders.

Evernote - Google Drive

Manage tasks: Integrate Google Calendar and Asana

When to use: Task management is extremely important for all businesses and Asana is a simple and efficient tool for that purpose. If you schedule an interview with a candidate on your Google Calendar, this event can now create a task on Asana for you or your team to follow-up thanks to the “Create Asana tasks from Google Calendar events” integration.

How to use: I have selected the calendar where interviews are scheduled, chose an Asana Project and addes an Interview tag for the events to be transferred. You could also select an assignee and/or an assignee status. The opposite way is also possible with the “Track Asana tasks in Google Calendar” integration but be careful to not create a loop and therefore duplicate events and tasks, for that use different filters when configuring.

Google Calendar - Asana

Integrating your apps lets you focus on your tasks and meetings and does the copying and pasting for you. It also avoid duplicating tasks with members of your team and keeps everyone up-to-date in real time.


Get started with your app integrations now!