Asana Google Calendar Integration – Step By Step

Asana Google Calendar integration 1Learn how to use our Asana Google Calendar integration in this step-by-step tutorial. See how you can keep track of Asana tasks in Google Calendar and get some tips to help you supercharge your business apps.

Any business is an interplay of three main resources: time, people and tools. We juggle these three elements each day in order to get things done. There are some great business apps to help us along the way: Asana is an excellent task management app to help us manage our team as we work to complete business activities. And Google Calendar is often used – either as part of the Google Apps suite or as a standalone app – as our basic calendar tool day-in, and day-out.

But what happens when you want to better manage two of your resources together: your team and your time? How can you get an instant glance of what people are working on and how they are progressing through your task list each day?

A business consultancy could use our Asana Google Calendar integration to get an at-a-glance view of how consultants are spread across tasks and client projects.

Read our step by step instructions below

Asana Google Calendar Integration: Managing Teams, Tasks and Time!

Let’s imagine our business consultancy tracks project work and manages tasks in Asana. A team leader wants to get a sense of how individual consultants are managing their monthly workload and to visualize the pace at which the team is working with clients.

On larger screens, such as a desktop monitor or laptop screen, Google Calendar has an excellent weekly view that can be used as a visualization of how time is managed in a business.

Here’s how our business consultancy can track Asana tasks in Google Calendar

How to set up the integration?

1. Select the Asana app symbol from the main integrations page

Asana Google Calendar integration 1b

2. Click to select Google Calendar on the “Integrate Asana with…” page

Asana Google Calendar integration 1c

3. Click the ‘Get Started’ button next to the integration option “Track Asana tasks in Google Calendar”

Asana Google Calendar integration 2

4. If you have not authorized CloudWork to access these apps, you will be asked to activate your integrations. Authorize access to Asana and Google Calendar so that CloudWork can access apps to execute tasks. (If you have already authorized these apps in CloudWork, skip to step 5.)

Remember, you can revoke access at any time. We never read, save or sell your data. CloudWork only accesses your apps in order to carry out automation functions.

5. Now configure your integration

Select the relevant Asana project for which you want to track tasks in Google Calendar. Choose which Google Calendar the tasks should appear in.

Asana Google Calendar integration 3

6. Click the ‘Create Integration’ button. Done!

How To Instantly View Asana Tasks in Google Calendar

Now, when our business consultancy adds new project tasks in Asana, they are added to the relevant Google Calendar. This provides an easy visual aide for the business team project manager to see the flow of task completion across time.

Important Tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks you can use to finetune and supercharge your integration so that it adds more value to your business processes:

  • Before activating this integration, set up a new Google Calendar and then when you configure your Asana Google Calendar integration, you can select this specific project calendar you have created. In Google Calendar, you can now color code this project calendar separately so that you can visually analyze the flow of tasks across a project timeline.
  • To get a finer grain of time management with your Asana tasks, you can use our Asana Google Calendar integration in conjunction with our Toggl integrations:
    • For example, our business consultancy wants to compare the actual time a consultant spends on an Asana task against the time allocated in Asana to complete that project activity. They have set up the Asana Google Calendar integration and linked Asana project tasks to a newly set up calendar called “client project task plan”. They color this calendar green.
    • Now they set up an Asana/Toggl integration to create a new task in Toggl every time a new task is added to the Asana project. Now consultants can just click a button to record the time spent on each specific task.
    • The consultancy then uses the Toggl/Google Calendar integration to record all task time on a Google Calendar called “actual project task time”. They color this calendar purple.
    • In Google Calendar, our consultancy manager chooses to display both the “client project task plan” and “actual project task time”. At a glance, they can see that the purple times are much shorter than the green times, meaning the consultants are completing tasks in less time than is allocated. The manager can now use the extra time to add more project tasks or reallocate consultants to work on additional projects.
  • Check out our Google Calendar integration tips for more ideas on how to make use of your calendar as a visualization and time management tool.
  • You can sync multiple (or all) of your Asana projects to the one Google Calendar. Repeat the integration steps 1 – 6 above for each Asana project, always choosing the same Google Calendar where Asana project tasks should be displayed. We will look to introduce a “select all Asana projects” option in future configuration upgrades. (Thanks to Twitter follower @LeahKapernick for this suggestion.)
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