Asana Integrations Now Available from CloudWork

We have just added 11 new Asana integrations.

asana integrations

Help your team to better manage information and work together on projects. Now team members know what is happening, wherever they are located. Keep relevant project data up-to-date between your business apps. Our Asana integrations help your team focus on productive work by taking care of how your business apps share day-to-day task management information.

Our Asana integrations include:

  • Track Asana tasks from Google Calendar
  • Create Asana tasks from Google Calendar events
  • Send Asana tasks to Evernote
  • Create Asana tasks from Evernote
  • Add cases to Asana as tasks
  • Send Zendesk tickets to Asana
  • Notify by SMS via Twilio when a task is added in Asana
  • Add Asana tasks to Pivotal Tracker
  • Add Pivotal Tracker stories to Asana
  • Add Asana tasks to Toggl
  • Add Toggl tasks to Asana

We welcome all Asana users to CloudWork and invite you to follow us on Twitter. Please let us know if you need any particular Asana integrations to make it easier for your team to stay focused on your core business.