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Christophe is co-founder and CEO at CloudWork an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for business users and GetApp.com the largest independent marketplace for Cloud based (SaaS) business applications.

Marketing Automation for the Rest of Us: 6 App Integrations You Can Use To Personalize Your Marketing Now

marketing automationOnce you have started using a CRM app in your business, your thoughts begin to turn towards marketing automation. As more businesses add CRM and email marketing tools to their business operations, they begin to experiment with segmenting customers to allow for a more personalized communication.

Today’s business customer expects a more personalized experience. Research shared by Bernie Borges at Find and Convert found 2 in 5 consumers tend to unsubscribe from emails or unlike a Facebook page if they receive too many promotions that aren’t relevant to them. Poorly targeted promotional emails and communications reduces the likelihood of sales by 45%.

Marketing automation can feel like an overwhelming task for the average business, but it needn’t be as daunting as it appears. CloudWork’s integrations help you to break down your marketing workflow into manageable stages that can then each be automated. This technique lets you keep total control over your marketing workflow, while reducing the amount of duplicate data entry or administration support you need to resource to manage your communications. Continue reading

Click and Connect: Cloud Data Integration Just Got Even Easier!

cloud data integrationHere at CloudWork, our primary goal is to help your business manage your cloud data integration needs. We want to offer you a great user experience and a straightforward, pragmatic approach to syncing and linking your data between your business app tools.

Our click and connect cloud data integration catalog is filled with actual business use cases. These are integrations that can be set up in three or four steps, with no complex coding or complicated data transfers.

We know you need app integration tools that don’t get in the way of your relationships with customers, your focus on quality, and your ambitions to innovate and stay ahead of industry trends when you next create service and product solutions. By using cloud data integrations, you spend less time on the backend administration and more time on your core business.

We are pleased to present some user interface design enhancements to help you get the job done quickly. If you are adding new integrations to your account, you will notice some new screens to guide you through the process. Continue reading

SaaS Automation: Progressing To The Next Frontier

saas automationSaaS automation is becoming a necessity for any business that is looking to maintain productivity gains from using cloud-based business tools, says our CEO, Christophe Primault.

According to entrepreneur and successful SaaS founder Jason Lemkin, getting apps to talk to each other is “a huge next frontier”.

With at least 100 new business cloud apps being added to the market each month, any business making use of Software-as-a-Service can quickly end up repeating data entry in multiple business tools. It is a headache that mid-size companies are currently facing, with small business on a path to growth also being hit. Continue reading

10 Google Glass Integrations That Are Set To Change Business Forever

Google GlassWith the latest Google Glass presentations creating a buzz across the blogosphere (including in this article I wrote for Small Business Opportunities), developers have begun to get more of an idea of what will be possible using the Google Mirror API.

The Mirror API enables third-party apps to integrate with the new Google Glass technology, and already The New York Times, Evernote, Gmail and social network Path are providing examples of what will be possible.

Google is looking for integrations with apps that make use of immediate-data to “improve your life”, according to Glass advocate Timothy Jordan. Continue reading

Google Calendar Integration Tips to Supercharge Business Productivity!

google-calendarFor any small business or freelancer, time is your most critical resource. And there is never enough of it.

A calendar app like Google Calendar can be a useful tool both for managing your time, and for improving business productivity by helping you gain a deeper perspective on how efficiently you spread yourself across your business operations. Continue reading

How To Automatically Manage FreshBooks Invoices And Clients Across Multiple Business Apps

Manage Freshbooks Across Multiple Business Apps

Let’s face it – if you run a business, making money is (and should be) your number one goal. Part and parcel of this is keeping track of your financial flow, as well as your paying customers, and ensuring that your team members are always up to speed. However, staying on top of all this eats up a lot of time, which you simply don’t have… because you’re busy making money!

David, a CFO from a mid-sized consulting company based in L.A., knows this problem like the back of his hand. Once a month, just before meeting his accountant, he has to export around 200 invoices from FreshBooks to PDF files, one by one… and then back them up on Dropbox to share them with the accountant, who doesn’t have access to FreshBooks. Continue reading

How to Track All Your Clients With a CRM Integration

crm integration use case

Meet John, a sales person at SmallCo who finds his online CRM very handy to keep track of his prospects and clients. John systematically adds any piece of information he is aware of about his clients on his CRM.

The problem is, when Mary from ClientCo calls him he has no idea that she has received a promotional offer from the marketing team. And worse, that Mary has not paid her last three invoices. He also does not know that she opened a ticket with the support team about a delivery problem and that she sent an email rant to John´s boss just this morning.

In other words, John has only a narrow view of his clients, his view. But Mary is also interacting in different ways with other people at SmallCo and she has a different view of John´s company, hers!

So when John and Mary talk, they don´t really understand each other  because they don´t share the same view. Mary is frustrated and so is John.

Does this scenario sound familiar? I bet it does! Have you ever missed a sale or lost a client just because you were not aware of what happened?

How would John feel about tracking all of Mary´s interactions with SmallCo, just inside his favorite CRM app easily and simply? How would you feel?

Continue reading

How to Create Events in Google Calendar™ from Evernote – Step by Step

If you have ever tried to create a Google Calendar™ event from your mobile, and your device isn’t configured to synchronize events with your Google Calendar account, you will love this integration with Evernote.

Why? To put it straight, Evernote on a mobile is great while Google Calendar™ on a mobile…you know what I mean.

So what about adding an event in Google Calendar™ by creating a note in Evernote?

Read further to see how it can be done. Continue reading

Keep Your Business Humming Along with MailChimp Integrations

CloudWork makes it easy to connect MailChimp with many popular applications to share data and to set up triggered actions and alerts.

MailChimp integrations allow users to more easily share or add subscriber information and notifications with other services such as  Zoho, Capsule CRM, Evernote, Zendesk, Freshbooks and other apps.

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