10 Ways CloudWork Helps You Become The Lean Entrepreneur

Lean EntrepreneurWe were excited to review an advance copy of The Lean Entrepreneur: How Visionaries Create Products, Innovate with New Ventures, and Disrupt Markets, a new guide by Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits with a foreword by the Lean Startup godfather himself, Eric Ries. We found ourselves nodding in agreement with many of the principles and strategies contained in this easy-to-read, inspiring business guide. At CloudWork, we believe our app integrations are ideally suited to anyone who wants to make Lean Entrepreneurship a reality.

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How To Import Evernote Meeting Notes into Highrise – Step By Step

import evernote to highriseInstantly import Evernote meeting notes into Highrise!

For freelancers and consultants with meetings on the go, CloudWork has solved the “last mile” integration problem for connecting your meeting notes with your client database.

CRM apps like Highrise are indispensable to growing businesses. CRMs help entrepreneurs and lean business teams to keep track of clients, potential new customers, and industry contacts. But the downside is that CRMs are only as useful as the information that gets added to the contacts database, and that can mean a lot of data entry work. Continue reading

Send Zendesk Tickets to Pivotal Tracker Integration – Step by Step

zendesk pivotal tracker integration 1Mobile and online app startups face a tricky balance to get right: responding to current user requests and issues, while maintaining a pace of constantly iterating to create a better, more feature-rich app to release to the market.

Being responsive to early adopters and building a service culture is what gets a new app talked about, shared, and loved. Continuing to build new features and fixing bugs and errors is how an app builds its commercial appeal and widens its audience reach.

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