A Fresh Approach to Cloud Business Apps Integration

The subscription-based business model of cloud business apps (SaaS) is a huge benefit to small and mid size businesses. This model can result in significant cost savings.

However, for those cost savings to translate into hard benefits for your business you will have to deconstruct data silos and integrate the multiple Software as a Service ( SaaS ) applications that string your business together. In this post, we will discuss the main considerations to integrate multiple SaaS applications. Continue reading

Making the Case for Cloud Apps Integration

The business case for  cloud-based applications, or SaaS, does not end with subscribing to one. In fact, it begins there! Once you have subscribed to a SaaS application, you need to figure out how to use and integrate the application with your existing processes and software. This part of the equation is turning out to be a major problem for most businesses. Continue reading