SaaS Automation: Progressing To The Next Frontier

saas automationSaaS automation is becoming a necessity for any business that is looking to maintain productivity gains from using cloud-based business tools, says our CEO, Christophe Primault.

According to entrepreneur and successful SaaS founder Jason Lemkin, getting apps to talk to each other is “a huge next frontier”.

With at least 100 new business cloud apps being added to the market each month, any business making use of Software-as-a-Service can quickly end up repeating data entry in multiple business tools. It is a headache that mid-size companies are currently facing, with small business on a path to growth also being hit. Continue reading

10 Google Glass Integrations That Are Set To Change Business Forever

Google GlassWith the latest Google Glass presentations creating a buzz across the blogosphere (including in this article I wrote for Small Business Opportunities), developers have begun to get more of an idea of what will be possible using the Google Mirror API.

The Mirror API enables third-party apps to integrate with the new Google Glass technology, and already The New York Times, Evernote, Gmail and social network Path are providing examples of what will be possible.

Google is looking for integrations with apps that make use of immediate-data to “improve your life”, according to Glass advocate Timothy Jordan. Continue reading

10 Ways CloudWork Helps You Become The Lean Entrepreneur

Lean EntrepreneurWe were excited to review an advance copy of The Lean Entrepreneur: How Visionaries Create Products, Innovate with New Ventures, and Disrupt Markets, a new guide by Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits with a foreword by the Lean Startup godfather himself, Eric Ries. We found ourselves nodding in agreement with many of the principles and strategies contained in this easy-to-read, inspiring business guide. At CloudWork, we believe our app integrations are ideally suited to anyone who wants to make Lean Entrepreneurship a reality.

Continue reading

A Fresh Approach to Cloud Business Apps Integration

The subscription-based business model of cloud business apps (SaaS) is a huge benefit to small and mid size businesses. This model can result in significant cost savings.

However, for those cost savings to translate into hard benefits for your business you will have to deconstruct data silos and integrate the multiple Software as a Service ( SaaS ) applications that string your business together. In this post, we will discuss the main considerations to integrate multiple SaaS applications. Continue reading

Making the Case for Cloud Apps Integration

The business case for  cloud-based applications, or SaaS, does not end with subscribing to one. In fact, it begins there! Once you have subscribed to a SaaS application, you need to figure out how to use and integrate the application with your existing processes and software. This part of the equation is turning out to be a major problem for most businesses. Continue reading