How To Time Track Your Asana Tasks With Toggl – Step By Step

Asana-TogglAsana makes Task Management easy with a simple user-friendly interface and a free version.  You can manage multiple projects and collaborate with team members. One of features that most task management apps do not offer is a way to time track the tasks. However, this leaves a space in the cloud market for specific time tracking tools such as TogglContinue reading

How to create MailChimp subscribers from your Google Contacts – Step By Step

Google Contacts - MailChimpGoogle has been steadily growing their app market in the past years but the most popular apps so far are Gmail and the related Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Most of you keep client and collaborators information on Google Contacts but also use other tools where this data is needed such as MailChimp, especially when it comes to Marketing activities. We have covered the marketing automation in the past with the blog post on 6 App Integrations You Can Use To Personalize Your Marketing Now. In this tutorial we will be specific to the “Add Google Contacts to Mailchimp” integration which will help you automate the creation of new subscribers to newsletters through your Google directory. Continue reading

How to create Asana tasks from your cases – Step By Step you are part of a Customer Support team , CloudWork can help you to better manage the support cases by integrating your helpdesk application, such as, with other common apps of common use like Asana, Gmail or Evernote, amongst others. I already shared a tutorial on the Asana-Gmail integration that you can read hereContinue reading

How to Attach Evernote notes to Salesforce contacts – Step By Step

Evernote-SalesforceEvernote is  an app that can organize your life. You can save business cards, photos, notes from meetings, shopping lists, recipes, record speeches at conferences and store any document you can think of. The fabulous mobile version allows you access anytime anywhere.  Salesforce on the other hand is the ultimate CRM tool for medium sized businesses and big corporations. Imagine connecting the two! Continue reading

How to automatically send RSS feed updates to Twitter – Step By Step

RSS-TwitterTwitter is the second largest social network and one of the preferred for business networking. Sharing news and tweeting during business events are common tasks for many of the CloudWork users.

On the other hand all relevant online media have RSS feeds that make keeping up-to-date easy, whichever area of business you work in. Continue reading

How to create Asana tasks from your Gmail messages – Step By Step

Gmail-AsanaIf you are a Project Manager in a big company, a freelancer or a consultant, on CloudWork you can find the solution to connecting your e-mail to your task management app.

Gmail and Asana are one of the most popular business apps on the CloudWork marketplace and I wanted to share a Step by Step tutorial on how to integrate them and avoid duplicate work when creating tasks based on client/collaborator´s requests sent via e-mail. Continue reading

10 Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your CloudWork Integrations

Whether you are a newbie or have been using the service for a while this article will help you get a better understanding of the integrations and learn some tricks which save time and increase the benefit.

As the number of subscribers to our service keeps growing every day, so are the number of questions and requests received here at in our Support team. Over the past months we have identified some patterns in the usage and have been laser focused on analyzing them and have adapted the interface and the features of the integrations in order to keep improving your experience with the platform. Continue reading