Be Obama! Improve Email Engagement with a MailChimp CRM Integration: Step By Step

mailchimp crm integration 0Dominate the competition! Use these MailChimp CRM integration tips to by improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Despite the advances of mobile apps, video-on-demand, Facebook posts, Google Glass predictions, and a constant stream of tweeting, email remains one of the most effective customer engagement strategies available to businesses. It is so effective, it has even been singled out as one of the factors that helped Barack Obama sweep to victory for a second Presidential term in the US elections of November 2012. For ecommerce vendors, 2 out of every 3 email recipients who open an email usually buy – that is, around 67% of your engaged subscribers!

SaaS apps like MailChimp offer our businesses a sophisticated email marketing tool that can be up and running with a few clicks. Meanwhile, contact relationship management (CRM) apps are becoming the spinal column for any business’ operations, as more and more competing businesses take a lean entrepreneur approach that prioritizes creating a personalized experience for every customer.

With these two app tools, you can consistently build on effective email marketing strategies, and create a personal experience whenever you are in contact with a customer (be it via email, phone or in person). To achieve this, you need a MailChimp CRM integration that gives you at-a-glance information on which lists your contacts are subscribed to and whether these potential customers have responded to your previous email offers by opening and clicking on your links.

Let’s look at an example of a MailChimp CRM integration that tracks email engagement.

Follow this step by step guide to setting up a MailChimp integration with Capsule CRM.

1. Select MailChimp from the CloudWork apps integration marketplace
mailchimp crm integration

2. Now select Capsule CRM to connect/sync with MailChimp
mailchimp crm integration 2

3. Click on the Get Started button next to the option “Track MailChimp campaign interactions in Capsule CRM”
mailchimp crm integration 3

4. You will be asked to allow authorization for CloudWork to connect with MailChimp and Capsule CRM
Just a reminder, we don’t store, read or use your data in any way, other than to connect it between your apps.

5. Now choose which campaign you want MailChimp to monitor
A dropdown menu will appear for each active campaign you are running. (You can repeat this integration for each of your active campaigns.)
mailchimp crm integration 4

6. Click the “Create Integration” button. Done!

Advanced Tips and Ideas

  • MailChimp campaign lists will only show in the dropdown menu if you have completed all stages of their setup. Make sure you create and schedule your email campaigns first, and then use this integration to select which campaigns you want to have monitored with your Capsule CRM contacts.
  • There are some key variables that may be impacting on your email response rate:
    • The time of day (and day of week) that you send your email
    • How frequently you email your audience
    • Your email subject headline.

    You can use big data to help you better understand when to schedule your email campaigns to increase the likelihood of them being opened. Check out MailChimp’s blog and resources, especially data summaries like this one which collects data from multiple campaigns to identify patterns in how we all respond to emails. If you are a frequent MailChimp campaigner, consider using MailChimp’s Wavelength service which lets you compare your campaign effectiveness with others in your industry.

  • Alternatively, it could be your subject lines that are leaving your audience non-plussed. If you have a high rate of unopened emails, you may need to find a more enticing way to pique the curiosity of your audience. MailChimp has an A/B testing tool that allows you to try out different email headlines and see which one is the best fit for your target market segment.
  • If your opening rates are healthy but your conversions are not, your problems may lie in what happens after your subscribers click on an email link. You can always copy what Obama did by setting up specific landing pages, using line-of-sight images, and including customized elements to create a personalized feel.
  • Consider timing some followup calls with your Capsule CRM contacts who do engage with your emails. You can schedule calls to followup and discuss the links they clicked on from your email. The beauty of this integration is that you can see what email offers your prospective customers were most interested in. Make sure you scan these in Capsule CRM before your staff start making calls. Give your sales team enough specific product information based on the click-through interest responses and delegate the responsibility for them to make appropriate discounts to close sales.
  • This MailChimp CRM integration helps you keep your customers at the centre of your business operations. Have a look at our other CRM integration tips to make sure your business workflow always focuses on building your customer engagement and loyalty.

Get started with tracking email engagement with this Mailchimp Capsule CRM integration now