Field Service Optimization with Synchroteam

synchroteamGain the Field Service optimization advantage by using app integrations to smooth out your workflow and reduce double handling of data across your business operations.

Managing a Field Service office is one of the most difficult coordination tasks in business.

A typical Field Service Management workflow includes:

  • Responding to urgent customer requests
  • Allocating field service technician support
  • Matching technicians with the service equipment and repair machinery they need to do the job
  • Coordinating a mobile workforce
  • Keeping back-office systems up-to-date
  • …The list goes on.

On any given day, the average Field Service Manager feels like an octopus, juggling eight things at once. And then the phone rings with an urgent new task or a query about a job just completed…!

Keeping Field Service Teams in Sync

Luckily, the Field Service industry has Synchroteam. This cloud app has been especially designed to support Field Service Managers with managing both a mobile workforce and on-site customer jobs. Synchroteam is ideally suited to any industry business that needs to manage an ongoing roster of jobs in the field, and to allocate resources (both staff time and equipment). Security firms, pest control, machinery repair services, transport maintenance, and HVAC services all use Synchroteam to manage their work.

Extending the Field Service Management Workflow

Now, Synchroteam integrations (powered by CloudWork) extend the Field Service Management workflow so that it connects with the whole of the business operations.

In particular, the Field Service Manager can optimize their work by automating data transfer tasks and backup jobs.

One-Touch Contact Management

There is an old anecdote from the time management bible, One Minute Manager, that reveals how often we end up touching each piece of information before we actually use it. A manager marks the corner of a business letter (this was pre-email!) with a little dot to indicate that he had read the letter. He then ends up working on something else, or taking a phone call, or whatever. Later, he picks up the business letter and so he marks it again with another dot. By the time he finally actions the letter and can put it away in the filing, he has accumulated a string of little dots in the corner of the letter.

Managing contact information is much the same. Instead of being touched once and dealt with, we end up coming back to it time and again as we need to re-enter the information into multiple systems, then check that we haven’t made any errors, and finally are able to file the original.

Field Service optimization 1

Synchroteam’s new integrations allow one-touch contact management. If a Field Service Manager enters new customer information into Synchroteam, the details can be automatically routed to other business apps including:

  • Campaign Monitor
  • Capsule CRM
  • FreshBooks
  • Google Contacts
  • Highrise
  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce
  • SugarCRM
  • Zoho CRM.

Contact data can also be funnelled from the business’ CRM app first, and then into Synchroteam and other business apps. As long as either Synchroteam or the company’s CRM is the first place the contact information is entered, everything else can be done automatically.

Maintaining Customer Job Records

The Field Service Management workflow does not end with the customer job being completed. This can be a stressful and unproductive aspect to the Field Service Manager’s job. While new requests and routine jobs continue to roll, backend admin starts piling up. Photos of completed jobs need to be backed up, customer records need updating, and a visual calendar of all completed works needs to be maintained.

Field Service optimization 2

Synchroteam now offers integrations to allow the Field Service Manager to stay focused on customer service, while backend administration is automated. Customer job details can be added to the appropriate contact record in the business’ CRM, photos can be stored in a cloud backup service, and a running calendar of work can be added to a visual timeline. These can all be done through Synchroteam’s integrations with business apps including:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Calendar
  • CRM apps.

Field Service Optimization with Integrations

These new Synchroteam integrations will enable a smoother workflow and greater efficiencies for the Field Service business user. Field Service optimization allows companies with a mobile workforce to stay focused on customer service, timely job response, and efficient allocation of resources. We commend Synchroteam on extending their ecosystem to empower their customers.