Google Drive Automatic Backup Integrations: Now Live

Our first wave of Google Drive automatic backup integrations are now live.

This initial set of Google Drive integrations help you make use of Google’s data storage capacity by letting you automatically save backup copies of your documents from Basecamp, Evernote, Trello and others.

google drive automatic backup

We are currently working on a second wave of integrations to allow you to auto backup files from your CRM apps, and integrations that automatically transfer new Google Drive docs to other apps, like Dropbox.

Check out our Google Drive integrations now, or contact us to discuss what apps you need to use in your Google Drive automatic backup workflow.

These latest integrations send automatic backup copies to Google Drive including:

  • FreshBooks invoices
  • Evernote attachments
  • Basecamp files
  • Trello card attachments
  • Dropbox files.

These integrations extend the power of your project management, finance and note-taking apps. Many business apps include ways to backup your data regularly, but are often limited to the data in your apps, not the attached files.

Google Drive offers free data storage in the cloud and makes an excellent base for keeping a backup of all your files. While our integrations do not move all your current files across, you can click and connect your apps in CloudWork and automatically backup all attachments and files you add from now on.

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