How To Add a Copy of Your Google Drive Files on Dropbox – Step By Step

Google Drive-DropboxGoogle Drive and Dropbox are the two most popular file management apps out there and at CloudWork we know well, that in most cases one ends up using both. With this Step By Step tutorial, you will learn to connect both and automatically backup Google Drive files on a Dropbox folder. 

Backup your Google Drive documents on Dropbox

Nathalie is an Account Manager at a web analytics agency and works with a couple of clients one of which does not use Google Apps but an alternative e-mail service. She uses Dropbox to share documents with them.

Until now, Nathalie had to download the spreadsheets with traffic analysis for the client from Google Drive where all company documents are stored to her hard drive and then upload again onto the shared Dropbox folder. After creating the integration “Add Google Drive files to Dropbox” all files from that specific folder were automatically transferred to the Dropbox one. One thing less on the to-do list!

How to set up the integration?

1. Select Integrate Google Drive with Dropbox from the list of integration optionsGoogle Drive integrations


2. Click on the “Get Started” buttonGoogle Drive-Dropbox

3. If you have not previously authorized the apps you will be asked to do so. If you have authorized them, skip to step 4.

4. Configure the Integration

You need to choose a folder from which files will be transferred to Dropbox. I have created one called Dropbox. Then you also need to select a destination folder, in my case called CloudWork.

Google Drive-Dropbox configuration

5. Click on the “Create Integration” button and test with a new file.



  • Let´s say that you have per client folders on both Google Drive and Dropbox. You can re-create the same integration multiple times, selecting the corresponding folders for each client.

  • If the case is that you have no specific order you can follow the example and create a “Dropbox” folder on Google Drive and move/copy the files that you would like to backup there.

Get started with the Google Drive – Dropbox integration now!