How to Attach Evernote notes to Salesforce contacts – Step By Step

Evernote-SalesforceEvernote is  an app that can organize your life. You can save business cards, photos, notes from meetings, shopping lists, recipes, record speeches at conferences and store any document you can think of. The fabulous mobile version allows you access anytime anywhere.  Salesforce on the other hand is the ultimate CRM tool for medium sized businesses and big corporations. Imagine connecting the two!

Attach Evernote notes to Salesforce leads and/or contacts

Brian is the Business Development Director for a  big retailer. He regularly travels for client and prospect meetings and attends at least one business event per month. He is an Evernote power user and also manages his leads and accounts on Salesforce together with a team of four. During meetings he saves notes on his “Meetings” notebook with covered topics, to-dos and any other relevant information. During conferences many times some of the speakers are prospects so he writes notes on the “Events” notebook with quotes that will help him in a future sales pitch.

Until now Brian had to copy this information to Salesforce notes under his account contacts and his leads so the team can be informed and act accordingly with the follow-ups. With the Evernote-Salesforce integrations there is no more duplicated work as the notes are automatically copied to Salesforce.


How to set up the integration?


1. Select Integrate Evernote with Salesforce from the list of integration options


2. Click on the “Get Started” button of the integration that you need: either for contacts or for leads or first one and then the other. I will start with contacts


3. If you have not previously authorized the apps you will be asked to do so. If you have authorized them, skip to step 4.


4. Configure the Integration:

You need to choose a notebook from which notes will be transferred to Salesforce. I have created one called “Salesforce”. Then you also need to select whether the integration only applies for private contacts or not.

5. Now you can test the integration with the latest notes added that will automatically appear below the “Test integration” Step.

Just Click on the “Send to Salesforce” button and check that the note is there.

6. Click on the “Create Integration” button and test with a new note, making sure that the title of the note is the e-mail address of your Salesforce contact


  • If you want to send notes from several Notebooks to Salesforce, create the integration as many times as needed choosing a different notebook each time.

  • If you work in a sales team you can put on the top of the note the name of a person of the team who would be in charge of following up the contact or lead

  • The integration with Gmail is also a great way to keep track on all communication with the client. We highly recommend it. Check out the available integrations with Gmail here

Set up your Evernote-Salesforce integration now!