How to automatically send RSS feed updates to Twitter – Step By Step

RSS-TwitterTwitter is the second largest social network and one of the preferred for business networking. Sharing news and tweeting during business events are common tasks for many of the CloudWork users.

On the other hand all relevant online media have RSS feeds that make keeping up-to-date easy, whichever area of business you work in.

Sending tweets from a RSS feed

Karl is a freelance social media consultant and uses Twitter on a daily basis for his clients and for personal purposes. He scans an average of ten online media sites every day and shares with his Twitter followers relevant articles.

As Karl manages some of his clients´ social media accounts he does not have enough time to spend on his personal one, which is also one of his Marketing tools as a consultant. Since he started using the RSS-Twitter integration he is able to automatically send tweets from sections of the media he follows and that are relevant for his audience. Streamlining the process has produced an increase of the activity on his account, which led to more followers and potential clients.

How to set up the integration?

1. Select Integrate RSS with Twitter from the list of integration options

Twitter integrations


2. Click on the “Get Started” button

RSS-Twitter integration

3. If you have not previously authorized the apps you will be asked to do so. If you have authorized them, skip to step 4.


4. Configure the Integration:

You simply need to copy a RSS feed URL.

RSS-Twitter configuration

5. Click on the “Create Integration” button and check your Twitter account whenever there are new posts on the RSS feed.



  • If you would like to tweet posts from several RSS feeds just create the same integration multiple times pasting a different RSS feed URL for each.

  • If you would like to send RSS feed updates to different Twitter accounts you would have to create several CloudWork accounts as only one Twitter account can be authorized at a time.


Set up your RSS – Twitter integration now