How to create Asana tasks from your cases – Step By Step you are part of a Customer Support team , CloudWork can help you to better manage the support cases by integrating your helpdesk application, such as, with other common apps of common use like Asana, Gmail or Evernote, amongst others. I already shared a tutorial on the Asana-Gmail integration that you can read here is a powerful helpdesk solution and in this Step by Step tutorial you will learn how the integration with Asana will maximize the benefits of both applications, how to set it up and some useful tips.

Create Asana tasks on the go from

Chris is in charge of Product Marketing at an Internet company and works with his team on a project related to offering a new product based on customer feedback. The suggested product has to be approved by the head of Product Development so it is important that the team comes up with something worth the time and efforts invested and also as fast as possible due to the increased competition.

Chris agreed with the Customer Support team that he should have access to and filter the cases that are related to things that can be improved on the existing product or suggestions for new features. At the same time his own Product Marketing department has been using Asana to manage the day-to-day tasks. After he discovered the CloudWork integration between both, there is no need to copy and paste information from to Asana. Now whenever there is a case matching his requirements it is automatically assigned as a task to a team member depending on key words.


How to set up the integration?


1. Select Integrate with Asana from the list of integration options

2. Click on the Get Started button


3. If you have not previously authorized the apps you will be asked to do so. If you have authorized them, skip to step 4.


4. Configure the Integration

You can filter the cases by Customer, Priority, Group Name, Channel, Status Type or Label. None of the filters on the side is mandatory, you can set one, several o none. Remember that if you do not set any all cases will go to Asana.  On the Asana side you have to choose a project and you can also create Tags for the transferred cases as well as choose an assignee and/or an assignee status.


5. Click on Create Integration and test with a new case.




  • If you are working with a team on Asana, you can assign cases to different people depending on one of the above mentioned filters, for example a Group Name. In order to do that re-create the integration as many times as you want by choosing a different Group Name and the corresponding Assignee on the Asana side.

  • If you would like to pull information to more than one Asana project, again re-create the integration and select the corresponding project for each.


Set-up your – Asana integration now!