How to create Asana tasks from your Gmail messages – Step By Step

Gmail-AsanaIf you are a Project Manager in a big company, a freelancer or a consultant, on CloudWork you can find the solution to connecting your e-mail to your task management app.

Gmail and Asana are one of the most popular business apps on the CloudWork marketplace and I wanted to share a Step by Step tutorial on how to integrate them and avoid duplicate work when creating tasks based on client/collaborator´s requests sent via e-mail.

Create tasks on the go from Gmail

Karen is managing on-line marketing campaigns and works with her team of two and a couple of agencies as well as with freelance designers. In order for everyone to be synchronized and fulfill the deadlines, it is essential to have a clear vision on who is working on what. Timing is extremely important as well so Karen is also using the Asana to Google Calendar integration as well so she has access to the deadlines of the tasks assigned to her anytime, anywhere.

Until now, when Karen received an e-mail from a client with campaign requests she has to login to Asana and create a task copying the information from the e-mail. Now the productivity integration between Gmail and Asana will save her time and with a simple tag on the message send it to the task management tool and thanks to the previously mentioned integration with Google Calendar, on her calendar as well. Isn´t this awesome?

How to set up the integration?

1. Select Integrate Gmail with Asana from the list of integration options


2. Click on the “Get Started” button

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.32.26 PM

3. If you have not previously authorized the apps you will be asked to do so. If you have authorized them, skip to step 4.

4. Configure the Integration

You can filter messages by Gmail label, subject or key words from the message. In this case I want only messages labeled Product to be sent to my Test Project on Asana. You can also put them under a tag on Asana and assign a person to complete the task.


5. Test the integration

The last few messages that correspond to the filter set on the Gmail side will appear and you can test by sending one to Asana. If you don´t see any messages bear in mind that maybe no message matches the filter criteria and you can still proceed to Step 6.


Upon success you will see the following message and can proceed to Step 6.


6. Click on Create Integration and Voilá!


Important Tips

  • Make sure you have the appropriate labels on the Gmail side so you can easily assign to the corresponding project. You can put the same name as the Asana Project. In Karen´s case Facebook Marketing Campaign September 2013.

  • Remember that you can create multiple times the same integrations this way you send e-mails as tasks to different projects.

 Set up your Gmail – Asana integration now!


  • Loralee

    Possibly a very silly question, but where do I find the “gmail integrations” from the screenshot in Step 1?

  • David Maxwell

    what is the difference between this and simply forwarding the email to ‘[email protected]’?

    • cloudworkadmin

      Hi David,

      The difference is that you can have different filters on the Gmail side (Mailbox, Subject, Key Words) for the messages you would like to send to Asana. Also there is no need to set up auto-forwarding (on CloudWork the integration takes a minute to set up). On the Asana side you can add tasks to a specific assignee.

      I hope this helps.