How to create MailChimp subscribers from your Google Contacts – Step By Step

Google Contacts - MailChimpGoogle has been steadily growing their app market in the past years but the most popular apps so far are Gmail and the related Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Most of you keep client and collaborators information on Google Contacts but also use other tools where this data is needed such as MailChimp, especially when it comes to Marketing activities. We have covered the marketing automation in the past with the blog post on 6 App Integrations You Can Use To Personalize Your Marketing Now. In this tutorial we will be specific to the “Add Google Contacts to Mailchimp” integration which will help you automate the creation of new subscribers to newsletters through your Google directory.

Create MailChimp subscribers from your Google Contacts

Nitin is a consultant Business & Usability analyst on panel of few IT companies helping them on requirement gathering, documentation and estimation. He uses Gmail and manages his contacts on Google Contacts. Nitin regularly updates his clients and prospects on new programs and services through a newsletter sent via MailChimp.

Until now, Nitin had to copy the data from Google Contacts and manually create a new subscriber in MailChimp. He now has a Group on Google Contacts for “Newsletter subscribers” and has connected it to a corresponding list on MailChimp on CloudWork. Every new contact on “Newsletter subscribers” automatically goes to MailChimp. About an hour per week is saved and Nitin can focus on more relevant tasks.

How to set up the integration?


1. Select Integrate Google Contacts with MailChimp from the list of integration options

Google Contacts - MailChimp


2. Click on the “Get Started” button of the Integration from Google Contacts to MailChimp.

Google Contacts - MailChimp


3. If you have not previously authorized the apps you will be asked to do so. If you have authorized them, skip to step 4.


4. Configure the Integration

You can optionally choose to only send Contacts from a Group on Google to MailChimp. If you leave blank it will send all Contacts that you create as subscribers. On the MailChimp side it is mandatory to choose a List where the contacts will be stored and optionally, you can also choose a segment or “Interest Group”.
Google Contacts - MailChimp

5. Click on the “Create Integration” button and create a new contact to test.




  • You will probably have all sorts of Contacts on your Gmail account and unless you have already grouped your contacts, it would be useful to create a group specific to MailChimp. You can call it “MailChimp subscribers” for example. This way you will avoid unwanted information to personal or irrelevant to your activity contacts.

  • If you want to send contacts from more than one group to MailChimp, you can create the integration multiple times choosing a different group each time. You can also send contacts from several groups to several lists. Let’s say you send newsletters in different languages. Then you can have “Clients U.S.” group’s contacts to be copied to a similar list in MailChimp and “Clients LATAM” to its corresponding one too.
  • Make sure that the email addresses on Google Contacts are Work emails, and not Home ones as the integration only reads business information.

Get started with the Google Contacts – MailChimp integrations now!


  • Ronald

    That’s a great functionality and a good reason to become a customer. One thing I miss: a full two way sync, so that changes on both ends are delivered.

    Do you plan to add full two way sync between mailchimp and Google contacts?

    Best wishes,

    • Mila Nikolova

      Hi Ronald,

      Thank you for your feedback! Full sync is something that we are definitely considering. It is a way more complex integration that requires a lot of development time and which is also not always possible depending on the APIs of the connecting applications. We are currently studying its viability for some popular integrations like this one. You can send a request to [email protected] in order to be notified when available.

      Kind regards,