How To Time Track Your Asana Tasks With Toggl – Step By Step

Asana-TogglAsana makes Task Management easy with a simple user-friendly interface and a free version.  You can manage multiple projects and collaborate with team members. One of features that most task management apps do not offer is a way to time track the tasks. However, this leaves a space in the cloud market for specific time tracking tools such as Toggl

Add your Asana tasks to Toggl

Andrea is a graphic designer and simultaneously works on various projects. She collaborates with a web developer on some of them and keeps track on what is done and the to-dos through Asana. She charges her clients per hour so time tracking is essential. Toggl works great for her and the Pro version allows her to share both hers and her partner´s tracked tasks to the client.

Until now Andrea had to manually create a separate task on Toggl for each of the Asana tasks.  Quite unnecessary copy and paste. With the Asana-Toggl integration there is no more duplicated work as the tasks are automatically copied to the time tracking app.

How to set up the integration?

1. Select Integrate Asana with Toggl from the list of integration options



2. Click on the “Get Started” button of the integration starting from Asana to Toggl



3. If you have not previously authorized the apps you will be asked to do so. If you have authorized them, skip to step 4.


4. Configure the Integration

You need to choose an Asana Project from which tasks will be transferred to Toggl. Then you also need to choose a corresponding Project on Toggl.

5. Click on the “Create Integration” button and test with a new task. After clicking on the “Refresh” button besides the CloudWork integration it will appear on Toggl:



  • You need to have a Pro Toggl account in order to be able to use the “Tasks” function

  • If you want to connect multiple projects, re-create the integration as many times as the number of projects you want to integrate is.

  • If you first add the tasks on Toggl there a reverse integration is available: “Add Toggl tasks to Asana”

Get started with your Asana – Toggl integration now!


  • MAlcolm

    does this mean integration of time, (ie time can be pushed across to Asana, or just linkage of task creation?

    • Mila Nikolova

      Hi Malcolm,

      The integration copies the Asana task to Toggl and there is also a reverse one available. Time cannot be pushed yet but thank you for the comment, we will investigate whether it is technically possible and evaluate possible implementation.

      Best regards,