Keep Your Business Humming Along with MailChimp Integrations

CloudWork makes it easy to connect MailChimp with many popular applications to share data and to set up triggered actions and alerts.

MailChimp integrations allow users to more easily share or add subscriber information and notifications with other services such as  Zoho, Capsule CRM, Evernote, Zendesk, Freshbooks and other apps.

A One Stop Shop for Building and Managing MailChimp Integrations

CloudWork functions as a virtual integrator in the cloud, allowing business users to connect their different apps together. It then seamlessly moves data between all of the different services.

It’s a one stop shop for managing integrations, and ensures that they work straight out of the box, without the need for development, configuration or troubleshooting. Current services supported include a variety of CRM’s such as Zoho, Highrise and Capsule, plus others apps including Twitter, Dropbox, WordPress, Twilio, Gmail and now, MailChimp. There are plans to add numerous other services as CloudWork expands.

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Allow Apps to Communicate with Each Other Beyond MailChimp

MailChimp already integrates individually with many of the services CloudWork works with, along with hundreds of others. CloudWork builds on this however, allowing other applications to communicate with each other beyond MailChimp, and lets users manage these different settings and data in a central location.

Cloudwork gives MailChimp users many options for sharing. Users can set CloudWork to automatically add leads and sync contacts to Zoho CRM, track MailChimp subscribers in Highrise, receive SMS notifications of new subscribers from Twilio, create new subscribers via Freshbooks, plus other options with those services, and many others including Zendesk, Capsule CRM, and Evernote.

Check all the MailChimp integrations available on CloudWork.

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