Goldilocks and the Chimp: MailChimp Reports to Evernote Step-By-Step

mailchimp reports 1Sometimes a business marketing campaign is time sensitive and in limited supply: A restaurant wants to offer a dinner promotion over the holidays, an event planner wants to invite guests to a function next weekend, an online merchant wants to move some overstocked items before the next shipment arrives…

But how many people has your promotion already reached?

Do you need to ramp up efforts, or have enough people seen your offer that you are sure to get even a modest engagement?

How do you balance additional marketing efforts against what you can deliver if suddenly everyone wants a piece of the discounted action?

For these sorts of campaigns, you are looking for the Goldilocks number: not too many, and not too few, offering the discount to just the right amount of people that you make full use of your goods or services without over-committing.

MailChimp has great functionality for businesses that are designing and sending promotional campaigns out to their contacts. For time-sensitive discounts or promotional campaigns you need to get a feel for how many people might follow up on using the discount offer during the campaign period.

Now you can add MailChimp reports to your Evernote notebook 24 hours after you have sent it to your email lists. Get an immediate feel for how many people have opened and clicked on your offer and make instant decisions on the next steps by checking your campaign report from your Evernote mobile app.

Follow these step by step instructions below to send a MailChimp campaign report to Evernote

How to set up the integration

1. Click on the Plus sign to add a new integration and select the MailChimp app icon

mailchimp repoorts 2

2. Select to “Integrate MailChimp with” the Evernote app icon

mailchimp reports 4

3. Click the “Get Started” button next to the “Send a MailChimp campaign report summary to Evernote” integration option

mailchimp reports 5

4. Now configure your integration. Choose the notebook where you want to save MailChimp campaign reports

mailchimp reports 6

5. Click the “Create Integration” button. Done!

How To Use Report Results

24 hours after each MailChimp campaign, your Evernote notebook will be updated with a MailChimp report summary. It will look like this:

mailchimp reports 7

Here’s how to take the next steps to get to your Goldilocks number, whatever the motivation:

  • You need to make an instant decision on whether to cast your campaign net wider. Perhaps you are trying to fill all seats at an event or sell off remaining product stock quickly. Sometimes this requires a quick look at how many opened and how much it was shared/liked to get an idea of your campaign’s actual reach and the number of people who may follow up on the offer. If you have a low open or click rate, you may be able to launch another campaign to one of your other segmented lists, or try an alternative promotional method. If you have had a high rate of opening, you may decide to hold off on any more marketing.
  • You want to see the level of work involved in cleaning up your contacts databases. Check the rate of syntax errors, and hard & soft bounces from your campaign report. High numbers may indicate your contacts base is out of date and you need to allocate resources to update contact records and double check emails addresses.
  • You want to see how effective your campaigns are at engaging readers. Look at the number of opens, the number of clicks, and the number of abuse reports.  If there are low numbers of opens, it may indicate you need to work on your subject headings to create a more enticing headline grab. Low clicks may indicate a confused call to action in your email body text. High levels of abuse reports may mean you have been too heavy-handed and come across as spammy.


  • Before you enable this integration, set up a new notebook in Evernote to store all your MailChimp reports. This reduces note clutter in your default notebook and allows you to have an archived history of your recent campaign results.
  • Before starting a new email campaign, remind yourself of which ones were the most effective by looking back over the MailChimp reports in your Evernote notebook. Which campaigns had the best opening and click rate? Which ones resulted in the least subscribers un-subscribing from you? Build on your previous successes.
  • You can use this integration in conjunction with one of our other MailChimp integrations that helps you group your current contacts into marketing segments. That way you can control your campaign offers in waves of audience reach. Perhaps all those who have been previous customers or bought a specific amount of merchandise get first discount offer. Then, based on campaign results, if you still haven’t reached that Goldilocks number, you can send out another campaign targeting your second customer segment list, and so on.

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