Manage Customer Service Workflow – The Example

deskcom integrations 1Using CloudWork integrations, you can manage customer service workflow across your business processes: from initial request to on-site support resolution.

Customer service starts with managing your contacts from day one through to providing each customer with the timely, responsive service they need to help them stay focused on their goals. You want your business customers to get on with what they are doing – not spend their time managing their relationship with you. We have a range of integrations that can help your customer service workflow run smoothly. Let’s look at some examples using as a central app. provides a streamlined customer service interface: bringing all Twitter, Facebook, email, phone, and online requests into one inbox. helps your team respond and track customer support in the one place.

Automating a customer service workflow with integrations

Let’s look at one usage example: an events management company provides digital signage and other technology to trade show exhibitors. Their customers are located at various venues across the city and require onsite support when signage breaks down or the technology needs tweaking to work in the way intended.

With integrations from CloudWork, the business can:

  • maintain customer details across all apps from their CRM software
  • alert mobile support staff to new customer support requests
  • track all support tasks across the whole team, and
  • provide technicians with the details needed to keep support records up-to-date while on-the-move.

Here’s how they automate and manage their customer service workflow:

1. Add Zoho CRM contacts to

deskcom integrations

The events tech business uses Zoho CRM as their customer relationship management tool. They have set up the CloudWork integration to allow them to automatically add new contacts from ZohoCRM to as new customers. This saves data entry when there is a new support request received, as the customer is already recognized in the system.

2. A new support request is opened in

deskcom integrations 2

A customer has called with an urgent problem: they have arrived at the venue to set up for the day and have forgotten the power cable for their LCD display screen. They make a quick call to our event company for assistance and a new case is opened in

3. Use integrations to alert mobile tech support of new cases

CloudWork has an integration to enable the business to alert roving tech support staff of new cases directly from

You can set up to notify by SMS via Twilio when cases are opened in

deskcom integrations 3

In this case, an integration has been set up for all high priority (level 9) new cases. When a new urgent support case is received, Twilio will be activated to send a text to the designated mobile support technician.

4. Make sure support tasks are tracked by the whole team

For our event management tech company, while it is important to make sure a first-responder is alerted by SMS, it is also necessary for the whole team to know what cases are being resolved. This helps the company ensure that all support work is being tracked as business activity, and triggers alerts for other team members to do followup tasks like evaluate the level of support provided, or identify which venues their support staff attend most regularly.

So in this example, the company uses integrations to add Desk cases to Asana as tasks. Unlike the SMS integration – which only alerts high priority cases to mobile technicians – all new cases get added to a dedicated Asana project.

deskcom integrations 4

5. Help mobile support access the information they need

The mobile tech support staff of our event management company don’t use on their own mobile devices. But they do have Evernote on their smartphones. You can use the CloudWork integrations to create a new note in Evernote when a new case is opened in

deskcom integrations 5


This helps the mobile tech team access all the client case details they need when they attend to support. After having received the SMS alert, they open their Evernote notebook while on the road and see that the customer needs a new power cable. They can take a spare lead with them and turn up with the resolution to the customer’s problem literally in their hand.

At each step of the way, the event company has been able to keep the focus on supporting the customer to resolve the problem. Instead of spending time typing in client details or explaining the support case to multiple people across an organization, data is shared seamlessly across business apps.

All the customer sees is that shortly after they call for help, their problem is resolved without having to wait for information to move through to the right person, or having a support worker turn up and then having to re-explain what is going on.

We have 10 integrations currently available to help you automate your customer service workflow. Please let us know via Twitter or email which new integrations you need for your business.

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