22 New Salesforce CRM integrations: Now Available

We are pleased to announce we have 22 all-purpose, practical salesforce CRM integrations now available.

salesforce crm integrations

Salesforce is a gargantuan in the cloud business apps marketplace, with around 1.5 million users accessing the Salesforce website in the US each month. In mid-2012, Forbes again ranked it as the Number One most innovative company in the world.

Our new Salesforce CRM integrations aim to help your business link your data from your existing business apps into your Salesforce CRM database. Our new Salesforce integrations include:

  • Track Campaign Monitor cases in Salesforce
  • Track Chargify customers in Salesforce
  • Track Desk.com cases from contacts in Salesforce
  • Track Desk.com cases from leads in Salesforce
  • Attach Evernote notes to Salesforce leads
  • Attach Evernote notes to Salesforce contacts
  • Track FreshBooks invoices in Salesforce
  • Track Gmail received emails in Salesforce contacts or leads (with either subject email details or the full body text saved)
  • Track Gmail emails sent for Salesforce contacts or leads (again, with either subject brief details or the full email body text included with your Salesforce contact/lead)
  • Track client or lead meetings from Google Calendar in Salesforce
  • Track MailChimp subscribers as either Salesforce contacts or leads
  • Track Twilio inbound calls in Salesforce
  • Track Zendesk tickets from contacts or leads in Salesforce

These Salesforce CRM integrations have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are robust and work with minimal configuration. You do not need any API experience and do not need to articulate complex business flow rules to use our integrations. We provide you with drop-down menu options to select the conditions and set guidelines about what data should be transferred into your Salesforce contact management database.

Test out our Salesforce integrations now, or let us know which Salesforce CRM integrations you need to speed up your time and smoothly transfer data across your business apps.