Share Google Contacts Across Your Apps: New Integrations

We now have 11 ways you can share Google Contacts across your business apps, thanks to these new integrations. Automate your contact information and avoid data entry duplication and mistakes by integrating Google Contacts with your business apps.

share google contacts

Our latest integrations help you supercharge and automate your contact information between Google Contacts and your CRM, FreshBooks, and MailChimp.

Our Google Contacts integrations include:

  • Add Capsule CRM contacts to Google Contacts
  • Add FreshBooks customers to Google Contacts
  • Create FreshBooks clients from Google Contacts
  • Create Google Contacts from Highrise client records
  • Add a MailChimp subscriber to Google Contacts
  • Create Google Contacts from SugarCRM contacts
  • Create Google Contacts from SugarCRM leads
  • Create Zoho CRM leads from Google Contacts
  • Create Zoho CRM contacts from Google Contacts
  • Add a Zoho CRM lead to Google Contacts
  • Add a Zoho CRM contact to Google Contacts

By connecting your business apps with Google Contacts you can reduce data entry and minimize the risk of typing mistakes. Make sure all your apps have contacts data in sync. With these integrations, you can now quickly start a GChat with a Zoho CRM lead, provide individual email followup to a MailChimp subscriber, or more easily look up the Google+ pages of a Capsule CRM contact.

Over the coming weeks, we will continue adding integrations so you can share Google Contacts information between your business apps. For example, you will soon be able to share data from Google Contacts to Capsule CRM and SugarCRM, as well as from these CRM apps to Google Contacts.

Look out for our upcoming blog tutorial on using Google Contacts integrations to streamline your business processes. Please let us know how you will use these integrations in your business tasks.

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