Goldilocks and the Chimp: MailChimp Reports to Evernote Step-By-Step

mailchimp reports 1Sometimes a business marketing campaign is time sensitive and in limited supply: A restaurant wants to offer a dinner promotion over the holidays, an event planner wants to invite guests to a function next weekend, an online merchant wants to move some overstocked items before the next shipment arrives…

But how many people has your promotion already reached?

Do you need to ramp up efforts, or have enough people seen your offer that you are sure to get even a modest engagement?

How do you balance additional marketing efforts against what you can deliver if suddenly everyone wants a piece of the discounted action? Continue reading

How to Create Events in Google Calendar™ from Evernote – Step by Step

If you have ever tried to create a Google Calendar™ event from your mobile, and your device isn’t configured to synchronize events with your Google Calendar account, you will love this integration with Evernote.

Why? To put it straight, Evernote on a mobile is great while Google Calendar™ on a mobile…you know what I mean.

So what about adding an event in Google Calendar™ by creating a note in Evernote?

Read further to see how it can be done. Continue reading