How to create MailChimp subscribers from your Google Contacts – Step By Step

Google Contacts - MailChimpGoogle has been steadily growing their app market in the past years but the most popular apps so far are Gmail and the related Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Most of you keep client and collaborators information on Google Contacts but also use other tools where this data is needed such as MailChimp, especially when it comes to Marketing activities. We have covered the marketing automation in the past with the blog post on 6 App Integrations You Can Use To Personalize Your Marketing Now. In this tutorial we will be specific to the “Add Google Contacts to Mailchimp” integration which will help you automate the creation of new subscribers to newsletters through your Google directory. Continue reading

Marketing Automation for the Rest of Us: 6 App Integrations You Can Use To Personalize Your Marketing Now

marketing automationOnce you have started using a CRM app in your business, your thoughts begin to turn towards marketing automation. As more businesses add CRM and email marketing tools to their business operations, they begin to experiment with segmenting customers to allow for a more personalized communication.

Today’s business customer expects a more personalized experience. Research shared by Bernie Borges at Find and Convert found 2 in 5 consumers tend to unsubscribe from emails or unlike a Facebook page if they receive too many promotions that aren’t relevant to them. Poorly targeted promotional emails and communications reduces the likelihood of sales by 45%.

Marketing automation can feel like an overwhelming task for the average business, but it needn’t be as daunting as it appears. CloudWork’s integrations help you to break down your marketing workflow into manageable stages that can then each be automated. This technique lets you keep total control over your marketing workflow, while reducing the amount of duplicate data entry or administration support you need to resource to manage your communications. Continue reading