How To Automatically Create Pivotal Tracker Stories From Your Zendesk Tickets – Step By Step

Zendesk-PivotalTrackerWhether you are part of the Customer Support team in a big company or of an outsourced development team for Software/Independent Software Vendors, you are most probably using Zendesk and Pivotal Tracker.  Continue reading

Project Management Tracking for Developers: Pivotal Tracker/Google Calendar Integration – Step By Step

project management tracking 1Pivotal Tracker is an A-class tool for software and app development teams. This online app is easy to get up and running and allows dev teams to assign tasks (“stories”) to appropriate teams, keep track of new ideas that can be implemented down the track, monitor backlogs, work on bug fixes, and manage new feature rollouts.

However, for managers wanting a quick overview and for client meetings focused on discussing project progress, dev teams can have a difficult time converting their Pivotal Tracker dashboard into a format that non-dev minds can get their heads around.

A Google Calendar/Pivotal Tracker integration can let you instantly create a data visualization of how your dev team is rolling out project activity across any given timeline: a week, a month, or for the full length of time to create a minimum viable product (hopefully, that means 90 days for your dev team).

You can use this timeline:

  • as a benchmark for future product development
  • to assess the resources involved in adding code for new features
  • to manage dev teams, or
  • to create a timeline for your clients to show them how an app dev project progresses day-by-day to build an online or mobile product. Continue reading

How’s That Working Out For You? User Experience Wanted!

mila nikolovaA blog post from our User Experience Manager, Mila Nikolova.

We have some easy new ways to give us user experience feedback. Help us create the integrations that drive your business in less than 20 seconds!

At CloudWork, we are focused on creating robust integrations that make good business sense. API coding is complex and beyond the capacity of most businesses that simply want to connect their apps to get stuff done. Our integrations are designed with a simple click-and-connect interface. This lets you customize what data is being monitored and how it is moved between your various business operations.

As the User Experience Manager at CloudWork, I’m here to make sure that your integrations are creating value for you in your business:

  • keeping you more productive
  • more customer-focused and
  • up-to-date with everything that is going on in your business operations.

We’ve just introduced three new enhancements to make it easier for you to let us know how your integrations are working in your business. Continue reading

Send Zendesk Tickets to Pivotal Tracker Integration – Step by Step

zendesk pivotal tracker integration 1Mobile and online app startups face a tricky balance to get right: responding to current user requests and issues, while maintaining a pace of constantly iterating to create a better, more feature-rich app to release to the market.

Being responsive to early adopters and building a service culture is what gets a new app talked about, shared, and loved. Continuing to build new features and fixing bugs and errors is how an app builds its commercial appeal and widens its audience reach.

But what is the balance between being responsive and staying focused on new builds? Continue reading