How To Automatically Create Pivotal Tracker Stories From Your Zendesk Tickets – Step By Step

Zendesk-PivotalTrackerWhether you are part of the Customer Support team in a big company or of an outsourced development team for Software/Independent Software Vendors, you are most probably using Zendesk and Pivotal Tracker.  Continue reading

10 Google Glass Integrations That Are Set To Change Business Forever

Google GlassWith the latest Google Glass presentations creating a buzz across the blogosphere (including in this article I wrote for Small Business Opportunities), developers have begun to get more of an idea of what will be possible using the Google Mirror API.

The Mirror API enables third-party apps to integrate with the new Google Glass technology, and already The New York Times, Evernote, Gmail and social network Path are providing examples of what will be possible.

Google is looking for integrations with apps that make use of immediate-data to “improve your life”, according to Glass advocate Timothy Jordan. Continue reading

Send Zendesk Tickets to Pivotal Tracker Integration – Step by Step

zendesk pivotal tracker integration 1Mobile and online app startups face a tricky balance to get right: responding to current user requests and issues, while maintaining a pace of constantly iterating to create a better, more feature-rich app to release to the market.

Being responsive to early adopters and building a service culture is what gets a new app talked about, shared, and loved. Continuing to build new features and fixing bugs and errors is how an app builds its commercial appeal and widens its audience reach.

But what is the balance between being responsive and staying focused on new builds? Continue reading