How to Track All Your Clients With a CRM Integration

crm integration use case

Meet John, a sales person at SmallCo who finds his online CRM very handy to keep track of his prospects and clients. John systematically adds any piece of information he is aware of about his clients on his CRM.

The problem is, when Mary from ClientCo calls him he has no idea that she has received a promotional offer from the marketing team. And worse, that Mary has not paid her last three invoices. He also does not know that she opened a ticket with the support team about a delivery problem and that she sent an email rant to John´s boss just this morning.

In other words, John has only a narrow view of his clients, his view. But Mary is also interacting in different ways with other people at SmallCo and she has a different view of John´s company, hers!

So when John and Mary talk, they don´t really understand each other  because they don´t share the same view. Mary is frustrated and so is John.

Does this scenario sound familiar? I bet it does! Have you ever missed a sale or lost a client just because you were not aware of what happened?

How would John feel about tracking all of Mary´s interactions with SmallCo, just inside his favorite CRM app easily and simply? How would you feel?

You Could Build a Single View of Your Client But You Don´t!

You don´t because you don´t have time to sign into different apps one by one, to search for scattered pieces of information to build one coherent picture of your customer relationship. In some cases you may not even have access to all this data at all.

Additionally, you don´t keep a good record even when you do have the information because you can´t waste your time updating the client’s data in every possible database you’ve got in your company.

Well, guess what today’s the day that your dream comes true!

If you’re a CEO, freelancer or salesperson, busy with contacting and following up with clients, you will simply fall in love with this CRM integration.

How Your CRM Becomes Your Master Client Data Repository

With the right set of integrations,  you can keep your CRM updated in the background with most of your client interactions with your company. CloudWork automatically detects events involving your clients within your cloud apps (emails, events, invoices, marketing campaigns, support tickets…) and creates a note in your CRM each time there’s something new.

You simply have to select the CRM you use (currently CloudWork supports Capsule CRM, Zoho, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Highrise) and set up integrations with other apps you use (currently FreshBooks, Chargify, ZenDesk, Desk, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Gmail™ and Google Calendar™ are supported) which takes less than 15 minutes. No coding, no technical skills are required. Anyone can do it.

And don’t worry about useless data flowing inside your CRM, all the information pushed to your CRM will be contextual which means the data that is synchronized is matched precisely with your existing contacts.

How To Set Up Your CRM Integrations in 3 Simple Steps

Let’s see how simple it is using an example with Highrise (the same process applies with Zoho CRM, Capsule CRM, Salesforce and SugarCRM)

1. Select Highrise from the marketplace of available business app integrations

CRM integration

2. Choose which apps you want to integrate and configure them to activate

CRM integration 2

Step 3. Repeat Step 2 for all apps you want to connect with your CRM

You´re done!

New note created in your CRM

From now on, CloudWork automatically adds an entry in your Highrise notes each time there is a client interaction with another app so you don’t have to struggle finding relevant information when they need it the most.

If your CRM is not Highrise, you can do the same with Zoho CRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM and Capsule CRM.

Now John has a complete view of Mary´s interactions with SmallCo.  So when John and Mary talk, they  understand each other  because they share the same view. John undertand Mary´s exact situation and can close a deal or support her in an amazing way. Frustration is gone!

Start Tracking Your Client Interactions in Your CRM

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