How’s That Working Out For You? User Experience Wanted!

mila nikolovaA blog post from our User Experience Manager, Mila Nikolova.

We have some easy new ways to give us user experience feedback. Help us create the integrations that drive your business in less than 20 seconds!

At CloudWork, we are focused on creating robust integrations that make good business sense. API coding is complex and beyond the capacity of most businesses that simply want to connect their apps to get stuff done. Our integrations are designed with a simple click-and-connect interface. This lets you customize what data is being monitored and how it is moved between your various business operations.

As the User Experience Manager at CloudWork, I’m here to make sure that your integrations are creating value for you in your business:

  • keeping you more productive
  • more customer-focused and
  • up-to-date with everything that is going on in your business operations.

We’ve just introduced three new enhancements to make it easier for you to let us know how your integrations are working in your business.

Prioritizing the right integrations for your business

user experience 1

We conduct business analysis all the time to select the integrations that will make a difference to how you work. Now we want to hear from you about what you need. We now list our planned integrations on our app integration marketplace pages.

If you select one of these, you will be offered a chance to be notified when the integration is ready. With our ever-growing user base, this helps us understand your priorities for new integrations. By requesting to be notified, you are giving a vote for the integrations we should work on next.

Getting started

Now we have a new pop-up screen within the platform and it walks you through your first integration task. You will now be prompted to test out how the new integration will work. You will be given a simple three step process to test your integration.

user experience 2

For example, you are guided to create a note with sample appointment details in Evernote to see how it is added automatically to your Google Calendar.

We also wanted to ask you with each integration if it makes more sense to you to be importing all your data, or just focusing on new additions from hereon. For example, with Evernote and Google Calendar, we would imagine you are more interested in focusing on newly added events, whereas with something like syncing MailChimp subscribers in Zoho CRM, you may be more interested in a CSV import of all your data.

Of course, our assumptions may be wrong, so there’s nothing like asking for your opinion to really help us understand your business needs!

Deleting integrations

Now when you delete one of the integrations you have previously set up in CloudWork, you will be asked why you no longer want to connect the data between these apps.

user experience 3

This helps us understand some of the finer details of your integration needs. Our click-and-connect interface removes all the complexity, but in some occasional cases, this also removes the customization you are looking for. Many of our integrations let you customize what data is being monitored and transferred between apps. For example, our integration to track cases as a Pivotal Tracker story lets you set rules about which sort of cases should be logged as new stories in Tracker: only those with a particular priority, or a specific label, or that were received via a particular media channel.

I am sure in each integration you set up, you will have a specific idea of which subset of data you need to have shared across your apps. This feedback form lets you easily tell us what improvements you need in order for our integrations to save you time and reduce your workload.

In all of these cases, our feedback forms have been designed to take no more than 20 seconds to complete. This way, we won’t interrupt your workflow, but you will get to weigh in on what you need from our data syncing and task automation services.

Of course, if you want to make more contact, click on the support button throughout CloudWork’s interface or email me.

In addition to our user experience feedback options, we have more engagement opportunities coming up. Our weekly newsletter alerts you to our latest integrations and news. You can also follow us on Twitter and Google+ for more on managing integrations and building business processes and optimal workflows.

And look out for our news about upcoming Google+ Hangouts! These are being designed to help you network with other CloudWork users and to learn how to powercharge your business processes by using app integrations.

I can’t wait to hear from you!
Mila Nikolova
CloudWork User Experience Manager