Which Asana Integration Will Your Team Use First?

asana integrationOur new Asana integration options will help enterprises make greater use of the Asana task tracking app.

According to business software portal GetApp, Asana “allows teams to share, plan, organize, and track progress of the tasks that each member is working on.”

Asana was created by a team of development veterans from Facebook and Google, as well as rising stars on the user experience (UX) scene, like Stephanie Hornung, who brings ten years of experience in UX and design with startups and freelancers to the Asana team table. In recent years, a new wave of SaaS apps focusing on the enterprise have arrived, and Asana are one of the pack leaders, with TechCrunch labeling the team as part of the ‘enterprise cool kids’.

Asana strives to be the “collective memory of your organization”. Asana’s mission is to support realtime collaboration amongst business team users. The Asana ‘cool kids’ acknowledge how much today’s business teams rely on having new information and updates always in sync, and are working hard to make that a reality for SaaS app users.

Your Asana integration menu options

At CloudWork, we are doing our bit to help keep Asana task tracking as up-to-date as possible. Our new menu of Asana integration options allow you to connect business apps such as Twilio, Evernote, Pivotal Tracker, and Google Calendar to Asana:

  • Our Twilio/Asana integration allows team members to receive an SMS update whenever a new task is added to Asana, this can be essential to fieldworkers who need to keep up to date with time-critical task additions
  • Our Evernote/Asana integrations include adding Asana tasks to Evernote notes. This can be useful for those tasks that will be completed out of the office and need to be recorded on-the-go. Team members are ready to update task notes and add attachments on progress as Asana tasks have automatically been added to a selected Evernote notebook. You can also close the loop by adding notes from Evernote to Asana as new tasks.

You can also add Asana tasks as Pivotal Tracker stories automatically for your development team or keep track of all task due dates in a Google Calendar visualization.

Being part of the Asana ecosystem

We are proud to be part of the Asana ecosystem with these new integration options. Please contact us if you have any particular business apps that your team uses that need to be connected to Asana.

There is also a Google+ Asana community for those who want to share ideas about how to make the most of each iteration of the team time tracking app, and to get advice from other users on how to make the most of Asana’s features. And Asana have just released The Asana Guide.

Get started on connecting your apps with an Asana integration now in CloudWork and make it easier for your business team to collaborate and stay up-to-date on the latest activity progress.