Your Automatic Basecamp Dropbox Backup: Step By Step

basecamp dropbox 1Connect Basecamp, Dropbox to backup files and save all your work automatically.

Basecamp is a great project management tool for small teams. Backing up your Basecamp project data is easy with the in-built data export tool, but what about all your project files and research? How do you save all the attachments you have added to Basecamp without manually copying them one by one into your cloud data storage?

Storing Client Research At All Times

We know many professional services and small consultancy teams who use Bascamp. A legal consultancy team finds it particularly easy for associates and paralegals to use when assisting in client cases. Project work can be tracked by all team members, and paralegal research can be added directly to relevant project tasks, so background documents are easily filed with specific project stages and strategic goals. These attachments are crucial to a legal firm’s client work, as the importance of demonstrating precedence in other similar cases, or having accurate research to be able to argue a client’s position on any number of related business issues, is what the firm is being paid to manage.

A business like this needs to be able to automatically store all attachments from Basecamp into a backup location as they are added. That way, there is always an easy route to recreate the document resource library for any given client project, without having to conduct the research all over again.

Follow our Basecamp Dropbox integration below.

How to set up the Basecamp Dropbox auto-backup integration

1. Select Basecamp from the CloudWork app marketplace

basecamp dropbox 2

2. Select Dropbox from the apps to integrate with Basecamp

basecamp dropbox 2b

3. Hover over the Basecamp Dropbox integration called “Add Basecamp attachments to Dropbox as files”. Click the “Get Started button

basecamp dropbox 3

4. Configure your integration by selecting to which Dropbox folder your attachments should be stored

basecamp dropbox 4

5. Click the “Create Integration” button

Additional Tips

  • You can leave the Dropbox folder blank and CloudWork will automatically set up a folder called “CloudWork” in your Dropbox account and store all Basecamp files here. We recommend giving your Dropbox folder a more meaningful title: even “Basecamp backup files” would be instantly understandable. Create the folder in Dropbox before you start the integration.
  • After you have set up the integration, test it out immediately. Attach a file to your Basecamp project and check the home screen of your CloudWork account to see the integration task being carried out. Be confident that new attachments are being stored safely with our Basecamp Dropbox automatic backup integration.

Set up your Basecamp Dropbox integration now